F | M Photography's sports composites are our signature art creations for the competitive athlete and families that expect something unique from their sports portraits. F | M Photography creates an extremely personalized photo shoot and unique pictures that will bring out an athlete's personality and celebrate the accomplishments of being a competitive athlete.


Your sports composites are OUR sports composites and we take each and every one very personally. Our athletes always come to us with different, unique wants and needs with such a varied scope of interests. Together, we can get our sports composites process started by asking you to tell us about yourself and what it is you would like F | M Photography to create for you and your loved ones. After we receive your information, we will promptly follow up for any questions you may have and make sure F | M Photography is the correct photography and sports composite studio for you. Please tell us about yourself here.

It's time for baseball with a unique baseball fan template!!! Especially for the passionate baseball families that would love something like this to display in their home! This is a great background for couples, families, kids, seniors and more!   

Who remembers or still has one of the "School Years" picture frames to keep track of you or your childs progression as they grew into adults through their school years? We had one! F | M Photography is excited to share with y'all our "Through the Years" sports composite!

Celebrate your athlete's accomplishments year by year as they progress in life and their sport with this unique template that grows with them!!!

F | M Photography is excited to be able to provide your basketball athletes an option for an amazing and powerful individual art piece with dramatic lighting on hardwood floors with smoke, fog, and light rays around your athlete.

Also, a powerful individual art piece with dramatic lighting for any soccer player with a goal, grass field, smoke and fog, and light rays around your athlete. 

F | M Photography is excited to offer the Loft template series for a powerful, versatile background that truly makes an amazing art piece for any athlete.  Your athlete will love this! F | M Photography is able to use footballs, baseballs, basketballs, softballs, volleyballs, soccer, a wrestling mat, or a dance bar!!! The background inspirational word can be changed to anything which your athlete would like!!! Also, this Loft template can be used without the props for a powerful image with weightlifters, musicians and more!!!